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Yesterday, we highlighted two themes, Ever After and Sight. Today, we continue with our responsive theme showcase with two more beautiful themes designed to make sites look their best on any screen, from a desktop computer to devices like an iPad and iPhone.



BeatRoute Magazine, an arts and entertainment monthly in Calgary, Alberta, focuses on local and independent music. From features to album and show reviews, the site is chock-full of content, which is displayed effectively using Oxygen’s Showcase Page template. Musicians and bands are featured in sticky posts on a front page slider, as well as in smaller thumbnails. (You can also display posts in a traditional blog format, too.)

You can personalize Oxygen further with a custom background, header, and menus, as well as fonts and a custom link color. Even with all of these customized features, a site using Oxygen will look…

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Keyboard Shortcuts Untuk Windows 8

Win+C : Buka Charms Bar
Win+D : Show Desktop
Win+E : Buka Windows Explorer
Win+F : Buka File Search App
Win+H : Buka Share charm
Win+I : Buka Settings charm
Win+K : Buka Connect charm
Win+L : Lock computer
Win+O : Locks device orientation
Win+Q : Buka Search pane
Win+R : Buka Run
Win+V : Cycles through toasts
Win+Shift+V : Cycles through toasts in reverse order
Win+W : Buka Settings Search app
Win+Y : Temporarily peek at the desktop
Win+Z : Buka App Bar
Win+Tab : Cycles through Metro Applications
Win+Ctrl+Tab : Cycles through Metro Applications in Snap
Win+Shift+Ctrl+Tab : Cycles through Metro Applications in Snap (Backwards)
Win+. : Moves the Snap view to the right
Win+Shift+. : Moves the Snap view to the left
Win+Spacebar : Switch input language and keyboard layout
Win+Enter : Launches Narrator
Home : Jumps to the first Tile
End : Jumps to the last Tile
PgUp : Moves Startscreen to the left
PgDown : Moves Startscreen to the right
Ctrl+Scrollwheel : Semantic Zoom

In explorer windows:
ALT + A : Open Easy access
ALT + CO : Copy selected items
ALT + CP : Copy Path of the selected item
ALT + CF : Copy to folder, using the drop-down menu
ALT + D : Hapus selected items
ALT + E : Edit selected item
ALT + H : Show History of the document revisions
ALT + M : Move files to location using the drop-down menu
ALT + N : Create New Folder
ALT + PS : Paste Shortcut in the location
ALT + PR : Open Properties box
ALT + PE : Open new document, choose from drop-down menu
ALT + SA : Select All items
ALT + SN : Select None
ALT + SI : Invert Selection
ALT + R : Ganti Nama selected items
ALT + T : Cut selected items.
ALT + V : Paste copied items
ALT + W : Buat Item BaruNew Item